DSL Services Terms & Conditions

The maximum achievable speed on all DSL Data services is 40 Mbps. If you are using a Fibre Line and would like to achieve speeds higher than 40 Mbps, please consider using our Fibre Data services.

The Acceptable Use Policy for all Uncapped services (including discontinued services) can be found here. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the afore-mentioned AUP.

All uncapped services are billed within a calendar month (1st to last day of every month). Your proof of payment is to reach us before 5pm on the last day of the month to prevent service interruption on the 1st of each month.

The capacity of the Network and available bandwidth is in no way guaranteed on any of the bandwidth based services offered by Internet Republic and as such we reserve the right to manage (shape, throttle, limit protocol through-put) all services in accordance with the available network capacity at all times. Our priority will always be to provide the best possible experience to all of our users when/if it becomes necessary to manage services.

1.Just DSL

Although we endeavour to keep our coverage data as accurate as possible, we are reliant on the maps provided to us by Openserve, which may sometimes have slight inaccuracies.

The advertised line speeds are a representation of the maximum possible throughput on that package. This speed is dependent on and varies from exchange to exchange as regulated by Openserve. In certain areas, some speeds are not achievable.

Due to Openserve infrastructure restrictions, some line speeds may not be available in your area. Check coverage in your area to see which packages are available in your area.

All Just DSL packages are subject to an Acceptable Use Policy. Just DSL accounts are locked to a single location. The location it gets locked to is the location you supply during sign up.

Regular Openserve copper line required to apply for a Just DSL package. A voice line, however, is not required.

Performance is subject to contention. This means that data speeds and latency may be affected by factors outside of Internet Republic’s control or demand for bandwidth at any given time.

Shaping and prioritisation

Just DSL packages are uncapped, unshaped and unthrottled. There are no usage thresholds so you can use as much data as you like, whenever you like. No throttling or shaping will be applied.

Setup fee

The setup fee is prescribed by Openserve, not Internet Republic.

Internet Republic reserves the right to change the promotion at any time. While stocks last. E&OE.

Cancelling your current DSL line

If you are an existing user of a DSL service and would like to Cancel your current data, line and Telkom phone line in order to move to the Just DSL service, then we recommend that you do not cancel your current service(s) until a Technician has been sent out to your premises to inspect and perform the installation.

The Technician will either use the existing Infrastructure (copper and wall point) or install a completely new line, which will run simultaneously. You should only cancel your current DSL service, once the your new Just DSL service is live. This overlap of services is to ensure there is A.) No interruption of Internet Connectivity during the cross over and B.) Ensure that there are DSL ports available for your line in the Openserve local Exchanges. If you cancel your existing service on a full DSLAM and someone else’s order comes up before yours, then you could lose the available port and your new Just DSL order cannot be completed – which could result in you losing your DSL Internet connection all together.

2.Capped Services

Rollover of Data

Unused data rolls over to the following renewal month (calendar month) for a period of 3 months. Rolled over data will be used first from the 1st of each month and thereafter the renewal data will be used. Rollover data consists of unused renewal data and unused top up data.

The most recent rolled over data will be used first, working on a system of last in first out.


The monthly renewal on a 10GB service is 10GB. In the last 3 months the following amounts of unused data have rolled over, March 1GB, April 2GB, May 2GB. On the 1st of June the service will renew and 10GB will be allocated together with the 4GB which has rolled over from March to May. Usage from the 1st of June will be deducted from the rolled over data from May then April then March, only once the rolled over data of 4GB has been exhausted will the renewal data of 10GB start being used. Should there be any unused data by the end of June, this data will rollover to July and the process will begin again. Should usage not reach the rolled over data for March it will fall away.

Rollover of Data is only applicable to services which are paid up to date and are renewed monthly. If your debit order or credit card payment fails for any reason you will not be able to use any Rollover Data until all services are paid up to date. Should you cancel your service any accumulated rollover data will fall away and cannot be reinstated if the cancellation date has passed and the service is restored.

3.Uncapped Services

Uncapped services do not carry a usage limit (cap) but speeds will be limited to the speed of the ADSL line. The service is for personal use only and may not be resold, shared or used for commercial purposes. The use of our uncapped services by WISP’s (wireless internet service provider) is strictly prohibited.

All uncapped products carry an Acceptable Use Policy which can be found here, please take the time to read through it as important information is communicated there-in. By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you also agree to the afore-mentioned AUP.

Uncapped services are billed on a calendar month basis (1st to last day of the month) and payment is due in advance by the 1st of each month.

4. Combo Services

Combo Pricing

Combo pricing applies to one data service and one adsl line tied together as a combo. The process of transferring/activating the ADSL line takes place at the time of the order and cannot be ordered for a future date. Once a service is combined, the DSL service will be locked down to the DSL Line, the service cannot be used on a different DSL Line.

Line Transfer Combo

On initial sign up a discounted amount will be billed for the data portion of the combo and there will be no charge for the transfer of the ADSL line if it take place in the current month. A discounted amount will be billed on transfer of the ADSL Line at any time other than the current month. The full combo price will be billed on the 1st of the following month.

New Line Combo

A discounted amount will be billed for the data and ADSL Line once the ADSL Line is activated by Telkom. The service on the combo will be activated once payment is received for the amount billed. The full combo price will be billed on the 1st of the following month.

Permanent Upgrade/Downgrade of Combo

In order to upgrade/downgrade your existing combo you will need to first split the combo. Once the combo has been split, the changes can be made and the services can then be combined again. The new combo price will be billed on the 1st of the following month.


In order to cancel one or both services within a combo it is necessary to first split the combo. Once the combo have been split the desired changes can be made.

Splitting Combos

When combos are split they will be billed at the stand alone price per service.

Combining Existing Services

When services are combined the combo price will apply from the 1st of the following month.

* Combo pricing excludes already discounted services and special offers

* Combo pricing applies to selected products only

5. Telkom ADSL Lines

By purchasing/applying for an ADSL Line service it is agreed that you accept and agree to the Terms & Conditions as stated below:

I/We hereby authorise Internet Republic cc to apply for a new convert, migrate, migrate back, convert back of my/our ADSL Line from Telkom SA Ltd or my current ADSL Line Supplier on behalf of Telkom:

In order to apply for an ADSL Line, you are required to have an active monthly billed telephone line with Telkom SA Ltd. ADSL Lines remain the property of Telkom SA Limited, installations and repairs remain their responsibility. ADSL Line sizes are supplied at the maximum stable speed available that is requested by the client, the Telkom SA Ltd network is supplied as a best effort network and therefore service cannot be guaranteed. Telkom SA Ltd. runs automated health checks on all ADSL Lines and might adjust the speed of your line in order to supply the best service possible. Should you experience complete downtime on your ADSL Line for a period exceeding 24 hours, a dispute will be logged with Telkom SA Ltd once the fault has been cleared requesting a credit for the period the line was down. Once this credit has been issued, the client’s account will be credited accordingly. Internet Republic will on behalf of our client as far as possible deal with Telkom SA Limited on the client’s behalf. Should a fault be logged with Telkom SA Ltd. on the client’s ADSL Line which results in a Technician being dispatched and it is found that the fault is due to faulty equipment or incorrect setup of equipment by the client an Unnecessary Call-Out charge may be charged to the client’s Internet Republic account. Any credit due to the client by Telkom SA Limited after the transfer of their ADSL Line to Internet Republic remains the responsibility of Telkom SA Limited and the client will need to converse with Telkom SA Limited directly to arrange this if not done automatically. The activation of a new line is dependent on the exchange being ADSL ready as well as ports being available, the activation of a new line, cancellation, upgrade/downgrade or transfer is dependent on Telkom SA Limited as such cannot be guaranteed by Internet Republic. Telkom SA Limited do not allow two actions to be performed at the same time, we are therefore not able to perform a transfer and an upgrade/downgrade at the same time, we need to process each action separately.

In order to transfer an existing ADSL Line from Telkom/another ISP to Internet Republic it is necessary for the client to request their current ISP/Telkom to perform a migrate back application. Only once the migrate back application has been completed will Internet Republic be able to apply for the transfer. During this process of transfer between ISP’s/Telkom the ADSL line will be in a suspension state with no ADSL access. The client has 30 days from the date of the migrate back application to request re-activation of the ADSL Line, if the re-activation is not done within 30 days, the ADSL Line will be completely cancelled. Applications received where the incorrect number has been supplied by the client will be charged for until the application has been cancelled by Telkom. No refund requests will be considered where the incorrect number was supplied on application.

The client will continue to be billed by Telkom SA Limited for the telephone/fax line rental and telephone/fax calls as well as any other services provided to them directly by Telkom. Should your line be suspended by Telkom SA Ltd, the ADSL service on your line will not be usable until Telkom SA Ltd have lifted the suspension on the line.

The ADSL line rental will be billed to the client by Internet Republic together with any other services provided to them. On completion of a new, transfer or upgrade/downgrade of an ADSL Line an invoice will be generated and debited via the clients nominated payment method.

Should your debit order payment against your bank account or credit card be returned (initial and monthly) unpaid the ADSL Line will be migrated back if the outstanding amount is not settled within 7 days. A migrate back will result in the ADSL Line being suspended and completely cancelled 30 days thereafter if the outstanding amount is not settled.

Payment for the rental of the ADSL Line is due before the 1st of every month, failure to pay will result in the ADSL line being migrated back. Should you approach Telkom directly to have your telephone number ported, the ADSL service on your line will automatically be cancelled. Please advise us of your intent to port (move) your telephone line to a new address so that we may arrange for the ADSL line to be moved together with your telephone line. Should an incorrect telephone number be provided for the ADSL line and the service is successfully activated, the client will be liable for any costs arising from the activation of the ADSL Line service.

Please also note that ADSL lines are not cancelled during the month but only at the end of the month, if you wish to have your line cancelled during the course of a month you will not be refunded any monies already paid for that month and the cancellation may be subject to early cancellation fees.

Please be aware that Telkom do not allow us to submit cancellations for a specific date. In an effort to avoid the cancellation or migrate back of the line taking place before the last day of the month we submit these applications on the last 2 working days of every month. It is possible that the cancellation/migrate back will be actioned before the last day of the month or only take place the following month.

Please note that as standard practice the up to 20Mbps VDSL service is activated by Telkom as an ADSL2+ service which has a lower upload speed than the VDSL service. Please contact us on 011 907 7428 or support@irepublic.co.za should you wish to change to VDSL. We will then submit a request to Telkom to have the line changed to VDSL if possible. The upload speeds for up to 20mbps ADSL2+ are 1Mbps and the upload speed for up to 20Mbps VDSL is 2Mbps.

Queries pertaining to your ADSL line can be directed to support@irepublic.co.za during office hours, if you are experiencing technical difficulties you can contact our Support Line on 011 907 7428.

Telkom terms and conditions can be found at: http://www.telkom.co.za/sites/aboutus/regulatory/termsandconditions/